The Walkerville Foreshore Reserve Committee of Management undertook a recreational vehicle safety trial at Walkerville South during 26th December 2018 to 31st January 2019. The trial involved closing beach access to recreational vehicles during this time as a preventative measure to separate vehicles from pedestrians and users of the beach. Two consultants were engaged to assess the trial from a community safety and access perspective including feedback from beach goers, commercial and domestic boat users, road users, the general public and other stakeholders. 

The issue of safety at Walkerville South has been a concern for many years to both the Committee and the public. The risk is identified in the Walkerville Foreshore Reserve Coastal Management Plan (CMP) dated April 2014, which outlined undertaking a Safety Audit at Walkerville South as a high priority. Below is an extract from the Priority Action Plan contained in the CMP:

Swimming, boating: Continue to provide for off the beach launching at North. At South, undertake a safety audit and, if appropriate, prohibit the launching of motorised craft in the Summer and Easter holidays to minimise risk.

You can find the reports in full below.

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