Walkerville Foreshore Reserve Campground

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3 Loop Road, Walkerville North. Victoria 3956

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0487 007 176

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About 2.5 hrs drive from Melbourne. From Melbourne, turn left off the South Gippsland highway, to Leongatha. From Leongatha drive via Fish Creek or Tarwin Lower, and follow the signs to Walkerville North. Other route goes through Philip Island via Wonthaggi. At Walkerville North the road will start winding down hill towards the beach and there will be a sharp turn to the left into the camp ground area. Don’t drive to Walkerville South, you will have to go back up that road, turn right to go to North. Driving on the beach between North and South is not permitted.

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Walkerville Foreshore Reserve Committee of Management

Information relating to the The Walkerville Foreshore Reserve Committee of Management (WFRCom) can be found at  the Committee Page . The WFRCom can be contact by email at admin@walkervilleforeshore.com.au.