Bookings for the Melbourne Cup Long Weekend 2024 will be available to book online from:

9am on Saturday June 1st 2024

Applicable dates are as follows:

  • November 1st – Nov 5th (4 night minimum).

    As there will be high demand for these bookings, there are a few points to consider:

    • To book a campsite, equipment details including Length and Type must be entered.
    • Securing more than two sites in a single name by using several  booking sessions will result in ALL bookings in that name being cancelled and the applicable cancellation fees being charged.  This is being done to prevent multiple sites being tied up by one person, preventing access to these sites during the release rush.

    • If your main objective is to get any site rather than a specific site you can skip Site Selection by pressing “Next Step” instead “Select Site from Map”. This is the fastest way to book as the system assigns the next available site. The site assigned will show on your booking confirmation. 
    • Sites “swap and cancel” amongst friends and family members are not allowed. So please do not have family members book a backup on your behalf in case you miss out, with a view to only keeping the “best” site. This unfairly ties up sites during the release rush.

      Sites are numbered 1 through 132.

      Sites 34 & 37 are our two bungalows. 

      Please review our Booking FAQ to see more information and to download a detailed guide on how to book.

      Good luck with your Bookings.

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