The Walkerville Foreshore Committee of Management met in the community hall on Thursday Jan the 21st.

WFRCoM discussed the following notable issues:

  • Toilet Block 2 in the camping reserve
    The Toilet Block 2 septic system has had a strong odour coming from the reed bed.
    To minimise the problem in the short term the system has been emptied and dosed with a product to improve the biological performance of the system.  The showers are being locked between 11 am and 3 pm to minimise inputs. In early February the entire reed bed will be replaced and two additional external showers installed to encourage beach users not to use the internal showers. The possibility of providing a dump point for RV toilet cassettes is being explored because of the potential for cassettes to be illegally emptied into the septic systems and affect their performance. 
  • Camp Kitchen
     A grant has been sought and received for the construction of a Camp kitchen.
  • Walking Track rectification at Walkerville South.
     WFRCom has received a grant to fund repairs to the damaged track above 2nd beach. Approvals are being sought to commence this rectification as soon as possible.
  • Walkerville South Bollards.
    Safety bollards will be removed at the end of January, enabling boat launching from the beach from February the 1st. Signage has been updated to reflect this date.

After a long period of conducting meetings via Zoom due to Covid19, it was great to be able to meet again face to face.

Sincerely,  WFRCoM

Next meeting is scheduled for February 19 2021

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