The Walkerville Foreshore Committee of Management met in the community hall on Friday February the 19th.

WFRCoM discussed the following notable issues:

  • The current camping reserve rangers have advised the committee that they will be leaving at the end of April. The committee will seek legal advice on how to fill the positions temporarily from 1 May  to end August 2021 with the positions to filled permanently on a 3 year contract after that.
  • The upgrade and renovation of the reed bed for the septic tank of toilet block 2 seems to have been a success. The committee agreed that the same renovations would be carried out on the reed bed of toilet block 4 in the off peak season this year. Research will be carried out to determine which reeds would be best suited for both toilet blocks.
  • It was acknowledged that many of the washers and dryers in the toilet blocks at the camping reserve were in need of servicing or replacing. It was decided to investigate finding a local supplier/serve provider who could assist the committee in this.
  • There was a presentation made to the committee by Better Boating Victoria (BBV). BBV made the offer of conducting a workshop to explore ideas. The committee agreed to participating in such a workshop later in 2021.
  • Discussions are ongoing as to whether the committee is to engage a new foreshore manager and what roles and hours that person would have.

Sincerely,  WFRCoM

Next meeting is scheduled for March 19th, 2021.

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