The Walkerville South beach will be closed to recreational vehicles to reduce the risk to beach users during the peak summer period. Bollards will be installed on the beach access ramp.

Recreational vehicles – what does this mean?
The term recreational vehicle relates to motorized leisure vehicles on the beach. This includes cars (with or without trailers), trucks or utes. Kayaks may still be launched on the beach and other small water craft that don’t require a vehicle to launch them.

Walkerville North
Off the beach launching will still be available nearby at Walkerville North where there are upgraded road, car parking, sea wall and recreational facilities. There is potential car and trailer parking available for up to 37 cars with trailers at Walkerville North.

Vehicles can only be driven onto the beach at Walkerville North for the purpose of launching or retrieving a boat, and cannot be parked on the beach or driven to other parts of the beach.


Walkerville Foreshore Reserve Committee of Management

Walkerville North - trailer parking
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