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Why has the Committee of Management (CoM) introduced a new booking system?
The Walkerville Foreshore Reserve CoM works to ensure that the benefits of the Walkerville Foreshore Camping Reserve are available for the enjoyment of all visitors.

The previous booking system was obsolete and unable to be upgraded. The system could not produce accurate reports, store guest data or allow for a fair and transparent booking process.

The new computerised reservation system will enable important data to be collected from guests and stored for future use. Detailed reports can be produced showing occupancy and turnover for accommodation and compared against previous periods. The CoM will use this information to analyse bookings over various seasons and months of the year and make informed decisions about the future management of the reserve.

The new booking system aims to give everyone, including regular campers and the broader public, a fair and equal opportunity to use the reserve. The new system is in line with State Government principles and policy that aim to improve equity of access to public land.

When can I book?
Bookings for peak periods opens on the following days:

01 July each year online bookings will open for the following Cup Weekend and the 24th December to 31st January period.

01 October each year online bookings will open for the following Easter school holidays and Labour Day long weekend.

Please refer to the walkervilleforeshore.com.au website for further details.

Why have you chosen this online booking system?
The new online booking system was selected after a review of the available platforms which will provide the CoM with increased ability to manage data and campground utilisation. The existing booking system was outdated and no longer had tech support from the software company. The new online booking system was selected from the same supplier of software. This had the advantage of consistency with the 1000 or so bookings already in the system and the client database was also able to be retained.

Why has there been an increase in camping fees
The Walkerville Foreshore Reserve Committee of Management is responsible for managing 41.3 hectares of coastal crown land. The fees go towards the management of the camping reserve and other areas of the foreshore. An increase in fees has been determined by the committee after completing their annual detailed review of current costs associated with maintenance and improvements and are considered to be competitive compared with other parks in the area.

What does the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning think about these changes?
The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning is confident that the changes implemented by the committee support equitable access to public land and are in line with state government principles and policy.

The State Government’s policy “Improving equity of access to Crown land caravan and camping parks” (2011) was developed to improve access to Crown land parks enabling affordable holidays for all Victorians. The requirement for the committee to ensure a minimum of 10 per cent of sites within a park is available to new site holders each year or peak season is a minimum requirement. Camp ground operators can adopt a booking system of choice that suits their needs so long as systems are consistent with best practice and government policy.

I don’t have access to the internet, can I book in another way?
Yes, you can phone the Walkerville Foreshore Camping Reserve and make a booking. Bookings can also be made on arrival, subject to availability. We would recommend booking ahead during peak periods.

Is there a limit to how long I can stay?
Subject to availability, long-term stays are still available at the Walkerville Foreshore Camping Reserve. Long term campers must vacate the Camping Reserve by the Queen’s Birthday long weekend each year.

Why do I have to pay 100% upfront fee?
The Walkerville Foreshore Committee is committed to having competitive rates for our customers. Full payment at time of booking has been introduced to reduce administration costs associated with the booking process (e.g. collecting and following up outstanding balances) to ensure affordable and reasonable pricing.

What consultation was undertaken before implementing the new system?
The existing booking system had become obsolete and could no longer support software upgrades. A business decision was made to upgrade the existing system that would allow the CoM to fulfil several reporting requirements. The decision to implement a new booking system was communicated to all campers on the mailing list via a letter/email sent in July 2018.

The CoM has met with a number of visitors to answer questions and discuss concerns, and will review the system once in use, to ensure it meets expectations.

Can we store our belongings on sites?
Storage rates have been abolished and applicable rates for that particular time of year are to be paid.

How is the Committee of Management appointed?
The Walkerville Foreshore Committee of Management is a skills-based volunteer CoM formed through an expression of interest process managed by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

The process ensures the CoM has a specific skill set to manage a reserve with significant environmental and cultural values. The EOI process is advertised through media and on the DELWP website.

Can I request a particular site when I book?
Yes, subject to availability.

Using Map View you can see if your preferred site is available for the proposed duration of your stay, and if so, it will show green and you will be able to click on it and reserve it.

Using Grid View you can choose the type of site you are looking for (but not the site number). You can nominate your preferred campsite in the booking comments at time of reservation. Within 24hrs you will receive confirmation showing whether you have received your nominated site or the closest alternative.

Please note, property managers reserve the right to move sites. While every effort will be made to contact customers before arrival, should a site move be required. A particular site cannot be guaranteed.

Can I get a spot near my family and friends?
Visitors can book two sites at a time. All bookings are subject to availability. Please note, peak periods have restrictions on the maximum number of sites that can be booked by a single customer. If more than two sites are booked by the same person, the extra sites will be cancelled.

If I need more information, who can I get in contact with?
Walkerville Foreshore Camping Reserve Ranger
Mob. 0487 007 176

Walkerville Foreshore Reserve Committee of Management admin@walkervilleforeshore.com.au

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