In line with Victorian Government regional Stage 3 Covid19 restrictions, the Walkerville Foreshore Camping Reserve will be closed from 11.59pm Wednesday 5 August for 6 weeks. Any bookings made for this time period will be fully refunded. Summer bookings from December 26th to the end of the Australia Day weekend 2021 are temporarily on hold until the Covid 19 situation is more fully understood. Updates will be posted on the Walkerville Foreshore Reserve website and Facebook page when more information becomes available.

Boat launching facilities are remaining open during Stage 3 restrictions, until further notice. The restrictions on fishing and boating during Stage 3 restrictions are:

People can leave home for permitted exercise and recreation activities that are outdoors and can be done by yourself, members of your household, or with one other person.

This includes, fishing, hunting, boating, surfing, recreational diving, learning to drive, or reading in a park. Exercise and recreational activities should be undertaken at the closest available locations to your home.

You must be able to maintain a 1.5 metre distance and no equipment should be shared.

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